Monday, 9 February 2015

This Weeks Food War

I joined in with the rather brilliant 'Meal Planning Monday' a couple of weeks ago, but very unfortunately, I didn't have much luck with my plan. Two days into the week & my youngest was hospitalised with pneumonia. I stayed with her, of course, so all meals went out of the window whilst Daddy held the fort at home with the elder two.


So as we are all back to full health (almost), I thought I'd try again.


This weeks food war with my middle child will be;


Pasta with tomato & mascarpone sauce, garlic bread

Chilli marinated salmon, rice & salad (LOL!!! He will be going very hungry this day!)

Veal meatballs, 'German style' potatoes, red wine sauce & peas

Pasta with slow cooked beef ragu & 7 veg hidden in it!

'Fried' chicken, sweet corn pudding & baked sweet potatoes

Spiced lamb with ratatouille

Roast beef & all the trimmings! Rare!

Once more I plan all this food which every member of my family will happily eat- even my two year old- except my very fussy son.


Wish me luck!



Love Kitty x